Judgment Day is a theatrical ministry created by Cleveland, TN native Bud Kinches.  It launched in October of 2022.  Over 500 people came to see the show over a four-day period.  Lives were changed.  Bud and his team knew that this was going to be an annual event in Cleveland.

While making plans for other projects in early 2023, the Judgment Day team was invited to take their show on the road.  This birthed the One Night Only Experience.  Now, churches and ministries can invite the team out to their city for a soul-winning event at no cost to them.  No matter where the One Night Only Experience takes the team, they will always do the original show, the show that started it all.

God has called Bud and his team to preach the gospel from a different pulpit.  The message will never change but they believe the way in which it’s presented can be.  They will never stop spreading the gospel from their pulpit, the stage.